Is it free to use ResumeBlaze?

No, https://www.resumeblaze.com is not a free service. There is no charge to establish an account, but there is an access fee to generate a resume.

We do offer a free 7-day trial. Our free trial is not limited or restricted.

Can I save my resume on ResumeBlaze?

Yes! You can store your resume indefinitely. You don't have to pay to store your resume, but you will need to pay the access fee to download it.

Can I delete my resume and all my personal information?

Yes! You can delete your account by selecting the Delete Account link at the bottom of your User Profile.

How does the access fee work, is this a subscription?

We do not offer a subscription. There is no automatic renewal. You can select from one of the basic access plans: Bunt, Single, Double, Triple, and Home Run. This will allow you to access your profile, make changes to existing resumes, and access previously generated resumes.

You are only charged when you access your ResumeBlaze account. There is NO recurring access fee for inactive accounts. If you no longer want to edit or modify your resume, you will not be charged. To access saved resumes on an inactive ResumeBlaze account, you will need to select one of the access plans.

If you want to download your last resume, and you do not plan to create more resumes, you can select the Bunt plan and gain access to ResumeBlaze for 24-hours.

How do I cancel an access plan?

After your access has expired, your ResumeBlaze account will be marked inactive. You will not be charged after this initial charge unless you select an additional access plan. There is NO recurring access fee for inactive accounts.

Does ResumeBlaze have a telephone number?

Yes! Contact a customer support representative during normal business hours at (805) 366-3105.