Institutional Licensing

Unlimited Access for Your Institution

Give your members unlimited access to a fully customizable resume builder. An institutional license gives everyone at your institution the power to store, create, and manage resumes. They will have free access to our resume builder. The option to write unlimited resumes allows members to customize resumes to specific jobs—no need to shoehorn one resume for multiple jobs.

Customized Templates

Your institution can specify layout and template style; your members will have exclusive access to your templates. Simply share your template with our development team, and we will build as many templates as your institution requires.

Resume Builder

Our resume builder creates professional resumes in as little as 5-steps. Your members provide contact information, target job, education, and professional experience. Then they select one of your approved resume templates and receive a resume in PDF form, which they can download now or store on ResumeBlaze. As a fully customizable solution, your members can add numerous entries to enhance their resumes. An institutional license, paid for by the institution, means a free resume builder for its members with no need for reimbursement tracking or expense reports.

How Institutional Licensing Works

An institution will set up an annual license with Resume Blaze, LLC. The license grants an unlimited number of resumes to be created while the license is valid and active. ResumeBlaze will provide a unique code to the institution that can be shared with their members. Licenses do not automatically renew; the institution has the option to renew or terminate the license at the end of the term. Accounts created with the unique code will transition to a standard ResumeBlaze account if the institution does not renew. Individual users will have the ability to delete their information at their discretion. Privacy is of the utmost concern for ResumeBlaze, and institutions will not have access to individual user data at any point.

To get started, click on Contact Us below, and submit your request for an institutional license.