Focus on Content, Not Formatting

The Challenge: Focus

Writing a resume can be a daunting task. The first step is to enter basic contact information, such as name, cell phone number, email, and mailing address. This is a straightforward task. However, human nature and a desire for perfection shifts authors' attention to layout and format. They get distracted learning the nuances of Microsoft Word. How do you set headings and select fonts? Should your name be italicized or bold? Should you put parentheses around your area code, or is it cleaner to use dashes between the area code and prefix?

The challenge of writing a resume is determining how to present work history, education, and contact information succinctly. It is difficult to do this while managing the layout and format of a resume. Many factors can disrupt this process: Maybe the author accidentally entered a hard break or the template found in a Google search doesn't work with the author's content.

The Challenge: Add Content and Stay Focused

ResumeBlaze helps writers focus by removing distractions. For example, ResumeBlaze helps our clients stay on task by entering critical content in simple forms. Authors can concentrate on their past job responsibilities, successes, and challenges and move from category to category without distraction. Our straightforward forms keep authors on task by providing guiderails for each entry to produce a clean PDF resume. Once an author has written a basic resume, they can use tailored entries to add more personal details. This allows individuals to customize entries for specific target job and catch the eye of a hiring manager.

The Challenge: Format and Layout

Our resume builder takes client information and formats resumes into a chronological or functional format. Once the client selects a template, the resume generator will handle the indentation, font, alignment, and spacing. It will add the proper headings, font sizes, and menu breadcrumbs to allow hiring managers to review a ResumeBlaze-generated resume easily.

After entering the basic content, clients can expand their resumes to include foreign languages, professional skills, hobbies, professional organization memberships, and other custom categories. Our resume builder smoothly integrates additional content into a resume and minimizes distractions from the content required for the target job.

Challenge Accepted: ResumeBlaze

Our resume builder allows clients to focus on the content of a resume and remove layout and format distractions. Focused authors write stronger resumes that yield more interviews. ResumeBlaze is the smart choice for writing a detailed resume quickly.