Bite-Sized Categories

What Are the Categories?

ResumeBlaze is designed to be bite-sized. Six categories must be completed before you can download a resume as a PDF:

Why Categories?

These 6 categories are the basic building blocks of any resume. Our approach is to isolate each category as a standard component that will allow the resume writer to focus on the personal and professional experiences needed to create a resume for a specific job. Presenting a customized resume to the hiring manager will give the user a better chance of landing an interview.

Mix-and-Match Strategy.

Include as much data to each category as you would like, and selectively add entries to your resume. Adding information to a category doesn't force the user to then add it to an in-progress resume. You can incorporate as many entries as you would like for each category. You don't have to include an entry; alternatively, you can deselect an item so that it is excluded from your work in progress. Users can build an unlimited number of resumes. Use your entries in a different order to emphasize past job experiences. This gives the user a more customized resume for different job openings in unrelated industries.

Write a Resume When You Have Time.

Our category approach allows a user to write a resume in small time increments. A writer can start and stop between categories. If a user only has enough time to contribute to one easy grouping, they can complete it before working on more difficult ones. They can jump between classifications or skip over them and work out of order.

Typically, easy categories, such as contact information, can be written quickly, whereas job experiences and soft skills may require more thought or time to retrieve start and end dates. You can easily revise entries to better elaborate on past job experiences or update older resumes as your current job expands and responsibilities grow. This is a great strategy for employment hunters patiently searching for their next opportunity.

The End Result.

Our resume generator and category approach benefit the user by allowing them to write a resume in bite-sized increments. The writer can elaborate on individual job experiences without worrying about how the entry lays out in a resume template. Our resume generator combines their category entries into a complete PDF resume ready for distribution across multiple industries, job opportunities, and companies.