Privacy Control

What is Privacy Control?

The bottom line is our users are in control of their data from the moment they begin working with our proprietary software. Our resume builder was developed for the end user to have maximum control of their personal data. A resume is a brief summary of a person's work and educational history, and we believe that our clients shouldn't have to share that information with anyone other than vetted hiring managers.

To that end, our users can choose how they share and store their resumes on ResumeBlaze. Users can elect to store a single resume or multiple versions and customized resumes on ResumeBlaze servers, or they can delete each resume they create and download. We do not charge our users to store their personal information. Our users can revisit their data in the future, dust off a previous version of their resume, and make alterations for their next job or career opportunity

How is My Data Kept Safe?

Unlike other human resource organizations, we are not in the business of selling personal information to third-party companies. We do not share your data. We have partnered with the Better Business Bureau and TrustedSite to help safeguard our clients' personal information. Both organizations regularly scan ResumeBlaze to look for malware and vulnerabilities.

How Do I Have Control?

Ultimately, our clients have the ability to remove and purge their personal information. A simple one-click process can be used to delete all personal data from ResumeBlaze servers and protect the users' personal information once it has been deleted. We do not keep a copy of the data, so we encourage clients to download their resumes before closing an account.

We suggest that our clients keep their data stored with ResumeBlaze. No subscription is required to maintain an open account. Clients can select the bunt plan to regain access to a dormant account. The bunt plan is an economical way to keep an old resume current. Never lose a resume again, even after an old laptop displays the blue screen of death or a work computer has to be returned to a previous employer.