No Recurring Fees

Nobody Likes Recurring Fees

We took a survey during a recent meeting, and the result was unanimous. Everyone hates unnecessary subscriptions. A subscription is only convenient for the company billing a client's credit card. It is even more convenient for the company when a client forgets to cancel a subscription and boom, another month of revenue is generated. This is a horrible way to treat a client.

Nobody Needs a Subscription to Write a Resume

Plenty of businesses require a monthly subscription, but a resume generator is not one of them. Unlike vital services, such as those utility companies provide, which customers consume every month, people access our resume creation services once per year. In addition to less frequent usage, our clients typically need our services for shorter durations. Who needs an annual payment for a service they use every few years? The question remains: why do our competitors charge a subscription fee?

ResumeBlaze is Different

ResumeBlaze doesn't charge a recurring fee, nor is there a fee to store personal data or PDF versions of resumes. Clients pay to access our resume generator and storage when they need to download previously created resumes, build a new resume, or update a resume. We offer day (24-hour) passes, which is the perfect time frame for our typical user. We only charge you for what you use; we will never charge a recurring fee.

There is no bait and switch. Many of our competitors offer "free" resume builder access, but what they really want you to do is invest your time on their application. Once you have invested your time, you realize you won't be able to download a final product until you start a recurring subscription.

ResumeBlaze provides a simple and straightforward solution. There are no hidden fees. There are no recurring fees. We have built a flexible resume generator for our clients to produce a multitude of professional resumes, easily and affordably.