Resume Storage

What is Resume Storage?

ResumeBlaze offers unlimited storage for all resumes generated with our online resume maker. Build resumes for specific job application; there is no limit to how many resumes you are allowed to build. Target potential employers with specific keywords for a particular job. Then download your resume from our private resume repository and share it when you are ready.

The resume is stored in PDF format, and the resume builder stores your personal information in a secure database. This allows you to select categories so that you can mix and match for custom and versioned resumes. Updating your information in our database does not alter previously created resumes stored in the resume repository. Instead, you can generate additional or versioned resumes as you add additional content or cull irrelevant information. These features give you more flexibility to write targeted resumes and apply version control.

Why Store Your Resume with ResumeBlaze?

How often do you fail to apply or delay applying to a job because you misplaced your resume? It is common for job seekers to hold off on applying to a new position because they can't find or they need to update their resume. ResumeBlaze solves these two common issues. You will always know where your latest resume is stored, and you can update your personal information so that you can customize your resume with version control. Apply detailed names or labels to stored resumes in order to distinguish between resumes in your repository.

Don't worry how many resumes you create; there is no charge to create them. We offer a free 7-day trial service. If you want to try our service, cancel any time, and you can delete your information. Your trial will not automatically renew.

There isn't a charge for storing your resume in our private repository; it is secure and safe. We use TrustedSite technology, firewalls, and IP restriction to protect your information from data breaches. Your personal information is never shared with third parties. If you are not happy for any reason, we will provide a full refund.