Job Application and Resume Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

On average, corporate job openings receive over 250 job applications, and only four to six candidates are offered an interview. A resume is more than an item needed to apply for a job; a resume must advocate on behalf of the applicant. In most cases, the decision to move forward with an interview will be made based solely on the submitted resume, unless the job applicant is referred to the hiring manager. If a job seekers has the opportunity to be referred, they should take the reference.

Creating the perfect resume takes time and effort; it should be customized for each job application. A tailored resume is more likely to secure an interview than a general or one-size-fits-all resume.

Review Resume Examples and LinkedIn

An applicant should do a Google search for example resumes. Job seekers should have a LinkedIn profile that is publicly accessible. Search LinkedIn for connections that have the desired target job or had it in the past. By looking at profiles, job seekers will see the required skills and keywords that should be included in a resume or CV. Use this knowledge to create the outline of a highly customized resume.

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

The vast majority of job applications are completed online, and more companies are using applicant tracking software. This means a resume is submitted through software and scored for keywords or phrases. The skills section of a resume is a great way to include keywords that do not flow or fit into previous job experiences or the education section.

The applicant tracking software uses filters to whittle down the applicant pool; even if an applicant has the experience the job posting requires, the resume may be discarded.

The best way to ensure the correct keywords are included is to thoroughly review the job description. Take note of the specific wording used to describe skills and requirements and be sure to incorporate them into the custom resume for the target job.

ResumeBlaze helps mix and match skill lists. You can easily update or remove keywords or keyword lists without having to deal with difficult formatting and column management.

Use Active Language

Keep sentences short and succinct. Use active words like "achieved," "earned," "completed," and "accomplished." Make sure to check the appropriate spelling of the active word using Merriam-Webster. Active words are an excellent way to showcase skills and highlight past achievements in previous roles.

Incorporating active words and pairing them with concise sentences will strengthen a resume and display confidence in the skills exhibited on the resume.

Land That Job Application with a Killer Resume

The job application process can be overwhelming because of the time involved in writing a tailored resume for each application. Using a resume generator can simplify this process. Use a resume template that is familiar to the hiring manager. Chronological or functional templates will greatly increase the likelihood of success without distracting the reader with a new layout. Obtaining an interview is the hardest part of the application process, so take the time to write a custom resume for each application.